How To Help Victims of the Nepal Earthquake

Nepal was struck by a devastating 7.8 earthquake on Saturday, with the estimated death toll rising above 3,000 according to the BBC. Another 6,500 are believed to be injured. Tragically, this number is expected to rise as authorities continue to assess the damage.

If you’ve been following this story and wondering how to help, here’s our list of favorite charities that are accepting donations for Nepal aid.

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5 Quick Tips for More Efficient Grocery Shopping

When you’re trying to stick to a budget, grocery shopping can be tricky. Food is one of the categories where you’re most likely to over-spend if you’re not paying attention. It’s easy to go over your food budget at the grocery store and buy more than you actually need — or forget something important, requiring a second trip.

Here are 5 Quick Tips to make your grocery shopping experience more efficient:
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