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Best Cities for Single Professionals

As a single professional, you want to live in a city that is both good for career advancement and fun enough to have a life outside work! Kiplinger recently rated the ten best cities for singles based on a variety of factors, including social scene, cost of living, and household income. Here are the highlights for those considering where to work after college, or those looking to make a move to a different city:


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Ways to Save Money in Your 20s

After working hard in college, many graduates see their 20s as a time to not only work hard, but play hard, and create lasting memories, as well! It’s also a time when financial responsibility and spending habits are shaped. Managing daily living expenses on entry-level salaries can be daunting, but some may see it as a welcome challenge. Spending on little things adds up, regardless of how old you are!


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Must-Haves for a Kentucky Derby-Themed Party

During the first Saturday of May each year, thousands of fans make their way to Louisville for the “most exciting two minutes in sports,” also known as the Kentucky Derby. In actuality, festivities for the race start two weeks in advance, which adds to the fun and excitement surrounding Derby day. A Kentucky Derby themed party is the perfect way to get a head start on Summer fun.


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The Only 12 Items You Need for Spring

The colors and styles of Spring fashion are enticing. But for those on a budget, the temptation of shopping can be more of a drawback. A simple solution is to invest in several core items that will last for years to come. Then once new spring trends come out, shoppers can afford to purchase a few new items and stay within budget. These 12 items also come in a wide range of prices, so use your KAIKU card to control your spending.

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Free Museums to Visit Across the US

Some of the best museums across the U.S. are free to the public, either year round or on specific days of the week. There’s something for everyone as the museums range in topic from photography to natural history. What’s better than enriching your knowledge of a particular subject – especially for free? If you live (or find yourself) near one of these museums, be sure to stop in for a visit.


Be A Courteous Traveler

Be a More Courteous Traveler

For frequent travelers, spending time away from home and visiting a new place can be liberating. From accruing rewards on a prepaid debit card to experiencing a new place, traveling can be both an affordable and worthwhile luxury. However, there are some downsides to traveling. A 2013 Etiquette survey revealed the top annoyances for 1,001 adult American travelers. At the top of the list, with 41% of the vote, was parents who can’t quiet their noisy children. Seat kickers came in a close second with 38% of the vote.


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April is Stress Awareness Month – Tips to Reduce Stress!

April is Stress Awareness Month and you may have no problem being aware of your stress every single day. Work deadlines, family obligations, and social events are not going to magically disappear. The longer you keep the situation as-is, the more you’ll see other areas of your life being impacted in a negative way. If you are tired of feeling panicked, anxious, and tense at all times – it’s time to face those feelings head-on with some of the following methods … READ MORE