Nepal was struck by a devastating 7.8 earthquake on Saturday, with the estimated death toll rising above 3,000 according to the BBC. Another 6,500 are believed to be injured. Tragically, this number is expected to rise as authorities continue to assess the damage.

If you’ve been following this story and wondering how to help, here’s our list of favorite charities that are accepting donations for Nepal aid.

How to Help Victims of the Nepal Earthquake



UNICEF estimates that 1 million children in Nepal will need help, so they’re preparing to send 120 tons of supplies to Kathmandu including tents, blankets and medical supplies. Donate here.


2. The Red Cross

In addition to their emergency disaster relief programs, the Red Cross operates an online database to help families find missing relatives. Donate online or text “redcross” to 90999 to automatically donate $10 (standard SMS messaging fees apply).


3. OXFAM America

OXFAM has sent aid workers to Nepal, launching a rapid response team to help get food and clean water to earthquake survivors. Although the people of Nepal will still need assistance in the coming months, the immediate aid provided by OXFAM is vital. Donate to OXFAM here.


4. Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders (aka Medecins Sans Frontieres) has dispatched 8 medical teams to help with this emergency and will likely send additional relief aid as time goes on. Donate to Doctors Without Borders here.


5. The PayPal Giving Fund

PayPal operates a great network for donations on its Giving Fund website. Currently, the company has raised over $280,000 for victims of the Nepal earthquake. The PayPal Giving Fund makes it easy to donate to some of the charities we’ve already listed as well as a number of other great organizations. Donate to the PayPal Giving Fund here.


A Word of Caution

Although natural disasters generally bring out the good in people, remember that there are always individuals who will use opportunities like the Nepal earthquake to run charity scams and take advantage of your honest intentions.

Think twice about social media relief funds, unsolicited emails from people you don’t know, and charity groups you’ve never heard of — if you’re going to donate, make sure your money actually gets to the people in need!

The website Charity Navigator is a great watchdog for charity-related fraud and scams. If you have any doubts about an organization or relief fund, look them on Charity Navigator before you make any donations.

Our hearts go out to the earthquake victims and their families.