It’s hip to be square and we’re not 2 cool 4 school. That’s why all this week on the Kaiku Blog, we’re bringing you Prepaid 101 — a quick series highlighting all theĀ convenient features and benefits you get from a prepaid card like Kaiku.

Not sure how a prepaid card can help improve your personal finances? Wondering what makes Kaiku the best choice for your money? Find out after the jump:

Reason #1. Automatic Budget Control

Do you struggle to stick to your personal budget? Well, you’re not alone. And the great news is that you can use Kaiku to avoid overspending — without a second thought!

Unlike a credit card or a checking account, prepaid cards like Kaiku are strictly “spend what you load.” Kaiku has no overdraft fees or debt balance. If you try to spend more money than you have in your account, the transaction will simply be declined.

This makes Kaiku a powerful tool for controlling your finances. Use it for holiday spending, travel cash, teens’ allowances, or any other specific money category. (Bonus Fact: You can track your spending in detail using the awesome Budgeting Feature in the Kaiku Mobile App.)


Reason #2. Mobile Check Deposit

There are a number of convenient ways to load your Kaiku Card, but one of our favorites is Mobile Check Loading. This is a great option for freelancers and anyone else who frequently gets paid with checks from different clients. You can load your money on Kaiku without ever setting foot inside a bank!

How? It’s easy. Get the Kaiku Mobile App, then follow the on-screen instructions to take a picture of your check. Mobile deposits are free, if you don’t mind waiting up to 10 days, otherwise there’s a small charge from our partners at Ingo Money.


Reason #3. Easy Card-to-Card Transfer

Kaiku also makes it very easy to transfer money to your friends and family (as long as they have Kaiku Cards too!). With the Kaiku Mobile App, you can use our Card-to-Card transfer feature to send money to another cardholder with the click of a button. It’s fast and free.

No more headaches when you need to split the check at a restaurant or repay an IOU!


Reason #4. Online Bill Pay

In addition to great features like mobile check loading and card-to-card transfer, you can use Kaiku to pay your bills online. It’s super easy! No more mailing checks. Login to My Account to learn more about this great feature.


Reason #5. Free ATMs

Using the Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card to manage your money is great because it’s accepted anywhere Visa cards are. However, for those occasions where you do need cash, don’t worry! Kaiku grants you access to over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs via the Allpoint network. This means you can use your Kaiku Card to get cash without paying an exorbitant ATM fee.

A map of nearby ATMs can be found in the Kaiku App and here on the Kaiku Website.


Reason #6. Cool Colors for Any Style

Lastly, Kaiku offers 6 cool card designs to compliment any style. Choose from black, white, teal, brown, amber or pink. Can’t decide? Take our quiz to find out which Kaiku Color fits your personality.


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