Need to get cash with your Kaiku Card? No problem! Kaiku offers a huge network of surcharge-free ATMs via Allpoint. Use your Kaiku Card at any Allpoint ATM and you can access your money any time, for free. We even have overseas ATMs if you need cash while traveling abroad.

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55,000 Surcharge-Free ATM Network

One of Kaiku’s two fees include a $1.45 fee for using an out-of-network ATM*. But that fee isĀ superĀ easy to avoid because in-network ATMs are everywhere! When you use your Kaiku Card at an Allpoint ATM, you can access your money for free.

How do you find the nearest Allpoint ATM? There’s two ways.

1. Use the Locator map on our website.

2. Use the Kaiku Mobile App.

So don’t worry when you see that “CASH ONLY” sign outside your favorite taco stand. Kaiku’s got you covered.


See Kaiku’s ATM Network in Action


*For more details on out-of-network ATMs fees and other restrictions, please see cardholder agreement.