Want to spruce up your space without spending thousands of dollars? Home decor is an art. The right design elements can transform a cookie-cutter apartment into an exciting place that stimulates your creativity and makes you feel truly at home. And it doesn’t have to break the bank. Try these 6 ideas to add some frugal flare to your home:

6 Affordable Home Decor Ideas

#1. Throw pillows that are bold in color or design will boost the energy of a boring sofa. Find unique pillows on sites like Etsy or even your local Walmart for under $10.

#2. Paint one of the walls in a room (or each room) in a high-contrast color. You’ll only need a single quart of paint, which is around $16. Stores like Benjamin Moore also offer ideas on creating accent walls.

#3. If you already have small houseplants, purchase colorful metal planters that will liven up the greenery. If you don’t have houseplants, you may consider purchasing a few – basil and mint plants are useful, and add an earthly element to any living space.

#4. For bedroom lamps, use a colored light bulb for casting a soft, mood-setting shadow on the entire room. They are available online for $2.

#5. Plush rugs with fun patterns will not only feel good on your feet, but also brighten up the bathroom. As appealing as it may be to stick to solid colors, using patterns will add personality to an otherwise “blah” room. You can find cool pieces starting around $20.

#6. Unique picture frames are a fun way to have “personalized” wall art. Find some fun frames for different rooms and even take it to another creative level by giving each frame a theme. One could be pictures of family, another of travels, another of goofy pictures, etc. Ikea has frames starting at $10.