Whether you’ve struggled with acne since your teenage years or have recently gotten outbreaks, it’s not too late to get the clear skin you’ve always wanted. It’s important to try different ways to take care of your skin. Don’t change your regiment too often, as your skin can get more irritated. Here are some ways to prevent acne so you can look your very best:

9 Tips to Prevent & Fight Acne

Tip #1. Don’t leave makeup on overnight. Keep makeup remover wipes on your nightstand to avoid acne in the morning.

Tip #2. Eating berries reduces the risk of pimples. That’s because berries are full of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Tip #3. Wash your face before and after working out. Leaving makeup on your face during your workout means that it will mix with your sweat and clog your pores.

Tip #4. Drinking water keeps you hydrated, which is a good thing. If your body is dehydrated, breakouts are common because the skin overcompensates for lack of water and produces more oil than necessary. The excess oil leads to breakouts.

Tip #5. Change your pillowcases once a week as the oil from your hair will rub off on them. Putting your face on dirty pillows make you susceptible to pimples.

Tip #6. As tempting as it is to pop that pesky pimple, try your best to let it run its course. The dirt and oil from your fingers can make things worse and may cause scarring.

Tip #7. When choosing skincare products, avoid those with a fragrance as it can irritate the skin, causing redness and allergic reactions.

Tip #8. Don’t touch your face throughout the day. During a typical day, think of all the things you touch that others have touched (desks, door handles, stair banisters, etc.), too! Putting your hands on your face is just asking for acne.

Tip #9. Clean makeup brushes every two weeks. The longer a brush is used without being cleaned, the more germs and bacteria you’re putting on your face. Use a bit of facial wash or shampoo with warm water and wash the brushes until it is clean. Let them air dry once done.