Sticking to a budget during the summer can be a challenge. Coworkers in new summer clothes and friends gallivanting out on exciting weekend getaways may tempt you to head to the mall or book a trip that you can’t really afford. It’s a disappointing to have to turn down invitations to parties, dinners, and trips. So in addition to using your Kaiku Card to limit the amount you can spend at a given time, try some of these tips to save money and have fun on a budget this summer.

Tip #1

Pick three or four friends who enjoy cooking and start a weekly dinner night where a different person cooks each time. These nights are great for socializing and if you want to get creative, choose a different theme each week. With this ritual, you can get a free dinner three days out of the month.


Tip #2

If your employer or boss is flexible, ask to work from home one or two days a week. If you drive, this will cut down on transportation costs, gas usage, and overall car maintenance. For those with children, this idea may allow you to save a day or two on babysitter fees.


Tip #3

Even if you budgeted for lunch during the week, pack a lunch so you can reallocate those funds for summer activities. For example, the $20-$30 saved on eating out during the week can instead be used for happy hours, weekend brunches, or summer accessories.


Tip #4

Instead of doing movie nights, do movie matinees. You’ll save up to 50% of the ticket cost in some cities.


Tip #5

Sign up for community newsletters as they often list free events such as concerts and gallery openings.


Tip #6

If you are taking a day-trip to a theme park such as Six Flags, purchase admission tickets and parking passes ahead of time online as the prices are often cheaper.


Tip #7

Use social media sites to find special deals and discounts on everything from concert tickets to clothing.


Tip #8

Have a summer “clothes swap” with your friends. Clean out your closet and gather any clothes and accessories you don’t mind parting with. Throw a party for your friends to exchange items. You’ll have a partially “new” wardrobe without having to spend a penny!



You can be a financially responsible social butterfly! As shown above, there are creative ways to have fun while cutting down costs.