Hats are more than just an accessory to shade your face from the summer sun. The right hat can make or break an outfit. It can also set the tone for your personal style and influence how people see you. So how do you choose the perfect hat for your personality? Our Kaiku fashionistas have put together a helpful guide:

Choosing the Right Hat for You

The Classic Curved Brim is definitely more of a casual cap. These hats are not meant to impress anyone. They are more appropriate for a comfortable feel or when trying to hide the fact that the wearer is really tired. For variations on this classic cap, try a Trucker Hat or a Flat Brim Snap-Back.


Fedoras are classy, but always a gamble. For men looking to give off an attitude of confidence, they need to be sure to back this hat up with appropriate attire; otherwise it can come off being a failure. Fedoras are for semi-formal events and beach outings.


The Scally Cap (also known as a flat cap or newsboy cap) is one of the most versatile hats and generally looks good on a variety of hair styles and body types. Football star Tom Brady’s picture wearing this style of hat makes women swoon over the edgy look.


Beanies were once the working man’s hat but recently has been going the way of hipsters and skater dudes. It’s a great look in the winter with a cool pair of Ray-Ban’s. Beanie’s also give men an aura of mystery so if you’re looking to have the object of your affection whispering and wondering about you – play this look up.


What’s your favorite type of hat?