Being proud of your attire creates a positive impression. Bosses take notice, coworkers respect you, and social acquaintances are drawn to your confidence. These perks are great, but it can be tough to stay on budget with $300 designer shoes or $500 business suits on your radar.

Don’t be bummed – it is possible to dress fashionably on a budget. You can create attractive ensembles without spending a penny. Take a look at the following suggestions and rest assured you will not have to reassign funds into the shopping portion of your budget. For timeless investment pieces, add money to your Kaiku Card before going shopping to resist any thoughts of splurging.

First organize your closet to get an idea of what you already have. Chances are you will stumble upon clothing and accessories you love, but had lost track of in the mix of things. Keep those pieces, but get rid of items that you haven’t worn in over a year. Donate needless items to charity, sell them online to make some extra money, or give them to family and friends.

Once your closet is organized, determine what staple pieces you are missing. Classic staples include dark skinny jeans, white t-shirts, little black dresses, black dress pants, black blazers, pencil skirts, dress shirts,Accessories | KAIKU trench coats, versatile flats, pumps, designer handbags, etc. Keep a list of must have items and take the time to find quality pieces instead of buying everything that’s on sale. You want to buy some staple pieces during the offseason in order to save as much money possible.

Shop trends on the cheap. For seasons filled with trends, resist breaking the bank on a pricey designer brand, and instead shop at stores like Charlotte Russe, H&M, or Forever 21. When the trend goes out of style, you won’t feel guilty about not wearing the item, since it was inexpensive in the first place.

Get items tailored. A $10 blouse can look couture with the right fit. Work with a tailor you trust to get optimal results.

Accessories are key to making your outfit stand out. If you are low on your shopping budget one month, invest in accessories instead of clothes. Get a bold statement ring, necklace, or bracelet to spice up your outfit.

Take care of your clothes by dry cleaning items that should not be washed, following laundry instructions, resoling shoes, and hanging up items at the end of the day. Try not to throw clothes on the floor. Regardless of the cost of an item, the better you take care of it, the better it will work for you.