Some employees consider annual job reviews to be a major nuisance. They are time-consuming to prepare for, you may not get the raise you think you deserve and it takes time to fill out paperwork in which you evaluate your own performance. However, the best way to avoid approaching the review with anxiety is to prepare ahead of time.

Some career experts suggest you prepare for your annual review all year long. At the start of each year or review period, make a file to keep track of your professional accomplishments. This can mean letters from happy clients, anything that shows your work increased company revenue, efforts that resulted in decreased costs or other positive outcomes for the company. About a month before the review, organize the documents and print a copy for your boss. Be sure to include an index that is easy for your boss to review. This will go a long way when discussing your salary increase. Know your worth, have a figure in mind, be prepared to negotiate while also knowing what you are okay settling on.

Annual-job-review-preparation-prepaid-debit-cardsFamiliarizing yourself with the review process will allow you to better prepare for your meeting. Find out what forms are used and obtain copies if you can. Inquire if you will be completing a self-review and ask about getting it early to give you more time to work on your responses. Once you have the forms you’ll be using, go through and address each question so you can be prepared in forming a positive response to any problem areas.

Make a list of each goal you set for yourself and your department at the end of your last annual review. Evaluate each goal and demonstrate that you not only met them, but hopefully exceeded expectations for each goal. Ask your boss about goals for the upcoming year and be ready to discuss how you will help to ensure those goals are met.

Employees are often put on the spot to give their opinion of the work environment or company. While it can be awkward and uncomfortable, you should formulate a clear and concise reply to this question ahead of time. Take the time to show off your problem solving skills, management abilities and value to company by proposing solutions to any issues you bring up in your feedback.