Offices are most people’s home away from home so it’s important for an office or desk space to reflect a degree of an individual’s personality. There will be moments of intense pressure, stress, and fatigue on the job so the best way to combat those feelings is having an inspirational, fun, and nourishing workspace.

Some may find creativity in pictures of family or an awesome vacation, posters with motivational quotes, or gadgets that provide a sense of humor. If your walls are too bare, consider these ten office décor ideas for inspiration:

  • A Like & Dislike Stamp set. As tempting as it is, don’t use this on your boss! Retails for about $10.
  • Drumstick pencils for the musician in you and they can actually be used for both purposes – $7.95.
  • Homemade inspirational words such as this Travel example. Buy the letters you need, and print out images, maps, and illustrations that make exemplify the word – you can keep them on your desk or hang them on your wall. Prices will vary depending on how creative you want to get.
  • Frame with phrases that inspire – $5-20 depending on the frame you choose.
  • “Infectious” stress balls are good to keep your mind distracted for a few months, and your coworkers will love the humor – $4.99.
  • Use Flowers to Brighten Up Your Desk | KAIKUPlants or weekly fresh flowers in your office will add color and life to your space. You will literally be able to stop and smell the roses. $5-20
  • IdeaPaint allows you to write and draw on your walls. Use for notes, drawings, or a mini break during the day to get those creative juices flowing. Starts at $225 for 50 square feet.
  • For those who are not particularly creative but want to fill up some space on your white wall, purchase a few posters starting at $5!
  • Throw pillows add some comfort and style to any space, whether you have a couch, windowsills, or simply want to use it for your office chair.
  • A clipboard wall will add some creativity to your office, fill up your blank wall(s), and you’ll be able to add more pops of color and personalization by adding postcards, pictures, post-its and more. $5-25.


Search on Pinterest for more ideas.