Productivity is key to making progress on projects at work and impressing your boss enough to earn a promotion. Home and office environments both have distractions that can influence work negatively – from chatty coworkers to social media websites. A task can sometimes be so tedious that you keep putting it off. Whatever the reason for your decreased productivity, avoid being reprimanded by superiors by trying a few of the following tricks.

5 Tips to Boost Your Office Productivity

Tip #1. Do similar tasks in batches. Instead of keeping your email inbox open and responding to each new email immediately, create times throughout the day to reply to emails in batches. This will eliminate the distraction of constantly going back and forth between different tasks. Other common activities that can be done in batches include reading the news, making phone calls, paying bills, and social media tasks.

Tip #2. Focus on single tasks instead of multitasking. Respond appropriately to urgent matters, but outside of that, work on specific tasks wholeheartedly. The effort will go a long way when it comes to completing projects thoroughly and on time. As mentioned above, limiting how often you check email can save a lot of wasted time. Additionally, employees can block distracting (aka time sucking) websites such as Facebook and Twitter while engaged in important tasks. To further eliminate distractions, keep a notepad and pencil handy to jot down ideas or to-dos that come to mind. Check back in with the list as you complete your tasks.

Tip #3. Each morning, think about one to three tasks that are most important for the day. Once you complete To Do List | KAIKUthese tasks, you will feel incredibly accomplished. Once you determine the three items – block out time to get them done in the morning before anything else; allot one hour max for each task; make sure at least one of the tasks is related to your most important project; do not put them off until the end of the day.

Tip #4. Schedule “housekeeping” items such as paperwork, approvals for vacation, or data entry towards the end of the day or when you need a mental break. This way, you can still be productive even when you’re feeling drained.

Tip #5. Schedule free time during the day. For most employees, that means taking a lunch break. Eat lunch away from your desk. Or go to the gym at lunch and then eat at your desk. Maybe even take a walk to the mall and buy an item you’ve been eyeing for weeks with your Kaiku card. Whatever activity you choose, just make sure it’s something you enjoy.

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