Keeping a consistent workout routine while traveling can be challenging. If workouts are part of your regular schedule, you may find yourself without access to gym equipment, depending on where you stay. If you currently run in your neighborhood, doing so in a different environment may seem intimidating. For those who are determined to get in some sort of exercise during their travels, here are some options:

The first (and easiest) option for working out depends on whether your hotel has a gym. If so, utilize whatever equipment is there. If you are traveling for work, wake up 20 minutes early each day (or earlier) to get a quick workout in. If you are traveling for leisure, you may do the same, or wait until you are back at the hotel to get some gym time in.

Woman using resistance bands | KAIKUIf your hotel does not have a gym, pack some resistance bands. They will fit easily into your suitcase and there are numerous exercises you can use them for, which will work virtually any part of your body.

A travel yoga mat can be an addition to the resistance bands, or you can simply just take the yoga mat. They are easy to carry and will allow you to keep your yoga routine going, even when on the road. The mat can also be used to do core training for those who do not want to lie on hotel carpet.

Use the stairs in the hotel for a cardio workout. Run up and down a specific number of times. This number will vary depending on how many floors the hotel has! To make the workout a little more intense, add in ten squats at the top of every flight.

For travelers who don’t have any equipment, but still want to get a workout in – use the room. If the idea of lying on the floor bothers you, spread one of the towels under you. Any kind of cardio workout can be done including, sit-ups, push-ups, squats, etc. Use the chair and bed as props if you need an extra level of resistance.

Here are three quick and efficient hotel room workout routines and here are 25 exercises you can do almost anywhere!