Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to dust off that box of decorations from the attic and untangle those string lights to prep for winter holidays. If your family celebrates Christmas, chances are you’ll be shopping for a Christmas tree pretty soon. A Christmas tree can be a wonderful tradition. They make your house or apartment smell amazing, and the possibilities for decoration are endless! Here are some of our favorite Christmas tree decorating ideas:

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

  • DIY Ornaments: Get the entire family involved by making handcrafted ornaments. They can reflect specific interests or events. Young kids in the family will have fun using a wide variety of materials to create a hodgepodge of fun ornaments.


  • Holiday Sounds: Dress the tree with jingle bells as a reminder of the sounds of the season. Adding in winterberries and silver ornaments will give your tree a classic Christmas look.


  • Colors: Christmas is the one time of the year you can get away with going overboard on colors! Pair blues, greens, and reds with metallic; add rainbow-colored ribbons; use the flashiest lights you can find!


  • Mix Classic and Modern: Use ribbons and ornaments with the classic holiday colors of green, red, and gold while also adding in more modern touches like odd-shaped lights or hot pink features!


While almost anything goes for tree trimming, be wary of using too much tinsel and homemade strings of popcorn. You don’t want to overshadow all of your hard work. And while you may have boxes upon boxes of ornaments in the attic, you are by no means required to use every single one. If you do end up choosing a theme for the tree, don’t feel guilty about keeping some ornaments stored away this year.

Check out these examples for more tree decorating ideas.