Preparing holiday meals stresses out parents around the globe. One of the biggest difficulties of making a tasty meal is finding ways to keep your kids entertained in the process. Instead of finding another activity to keep the kids busy, include them on the cooking and baking! Start a great holiday tradition with your little ones today.

It’s best to assign a child something he or she might be tangentially interested in. Take time to show your child how to properly complete the task you give him or her.

After the demonstration is over, allow them to try it, but keep your hands on theirs. For example, if they are going to be rolling out dough, place your hands over theirs on the rolling pin and do it together a few times. Once they feel comfortable, let them do it on their own and watch them for a few minutes before going back to your own preparations.

Here are some holiday meal tasks for different child age groups:

Ages 5-6

Kneading bread, rolling out pie crust, cutting out cookies, tearing lettuce for salad, snapping ends off of green beans, rinsing veggies in a colander, and pressing the button on food processors/blenders.


Ages 7-8

Measuring ingredients such as flour and spices, stirring pie or cake batter, reading recipes out loud, and setting the appropriate items on the counter, greasing pans with butter.


Ages 9-10

Peeling veggies such as potatoes, shaping rolls, reading recipes, and explaining which steps/ingredients come next.


Ages 10+

Sautéing veggies, chopping ingredients, rolling out pie crusts, and preparing simple recipes.