Holiday menus are typically full of hearty meals featuring bold flavors. Everyone indulges toward the end of the year. It takes tremendous discipline to say no to an ample offering of calorie and sugar-filled treats. When you host a holiday party, offering healthy options allows guests to avoid feeling guilty about chowing down on fatty foods.

Similarly, when attending a holiday bash, why not bring a healthy version of a classic holiday meal? Here are some healthy – and tasty – holiday dishes to serve or take to your next party:

Hazelnut and Turkey-Sausage Stuffed Mushroom: These bites work well as an appetizer during cocktail hour. They are savory and loaded with flavor. They incorporate fresh and lean ingredients such as mushrooms, turkey, shallots, and rosemary.


Roasted Chestnut Soup with Thyme Cream: Roasting bottled chestnuts are as holiday as you can get. The use of vibrant ingredients such as carrots and fresh thyme make this dish a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. Soup is a light first course for any meal.


Roasted Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta: Christmas red and green ingredients are featured front and center in this dish. You can improvise and add seasonal veggies to make it heartier, but it’s already packed with nutrients and winter flavors. Use gluten-free or whole-wheat pasta for added nutritional value. This vegan recipe is suitable for anyone.


Horseradish-Crusted Beef Tenderloin: For meat and potatoes lovers, this beef tenderloin is best when treated simply with a horseradish-mustard rub. Sometimes, this meal can be pretty low in calories, too.


Winter Fruit Salad: For a healthy, colorful, and delicious dessert this winter fruit salad is a must. Featuring items such as ginger and lemon, this dish is satiating for kids and adults alike.


Cranberry-Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies: These cookies provide classic Christmas flavors with a hint of nutrition! Chances are your guests will not realize these bite-sized morsels are packed with whole wheat and fiber-rich oats. Each cookie is only 75 calories, so have two!