Earlier this week, we shared some of our favorite DIY tips for decorating your Christmas tree. While a Christmas tree is a beautiful (and awesome-smelling) way to spruce up your home for the holidays, there are a variety of other ways to decorate for winter regardless of your holiday preference. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice or simply spending time with your family, you can add a dash of festive decor to your home without breaking the bank:

DIY Winter Decor Ideas

#1. Go Au Natural

Cozy up your space with decorations from nature. Pinecones make charming table centerpieces, and for added creativity you can paint them your favorite winter colors. You can also add a touch of wilderness with pine branches on your mantel, bookshelves or window sills — and most Christmas tree lots will let you scoop up their debris at no charge.


#2. Light Up

As it gets dark earlier in winter, adding light sources to your home can increase your sense of well-being and overall cheeriness. Visit your local Dollar Store for candles or purchase cheap string lights at Amazon or Target. Picking neutral colors such as white or amber will match any other decorations you’ve already got.


#3. Get Crafty, Especially with the Kids

This is a great one for the little folks in your life. Buy some materials at your local craft store to make paper snowflakes, styrofoam snowmen or even DIY snowglobes. Display your favorites as a centerpiece or on a shelf for all to see and admire.


#4. Colorful Flowers

You can also add warmth and vibrance to your space with colorful flowers. Buy fresh bouquets, nice fake flowers or even make your own out of tissue paper. You can stick with white, blue and lavender to maintain a winter theme or brighten things up with a rainbow palette. The possibilities are endless.


#5. Frame Some Photos

Consider visiting that great Dollar Store again for some cheap frames, which you can also decorate using leftover paint from your pinecone crafting session. Then frame some family photos, old greeting cards, inspirational messages or anything else that catches your eye.