Looking for inspiration? Visiting an art museum is a great way to experience something new and strike up engaging conversations friends, family or someone you’re dating. You can interpret art from different perspectives and learn more about your tastes and personalities. The United States is full of incredible museums, but here are five of our favorites:

1. National Art Gallery – Washington, D.C.

This museum not only has some of the best collections in the States, but also worldwide. Created by Congress and financier Andrew Mellon as a gift to the citizens of the United States, the Gallery is free of charge.

One of the most impressive features of the Gallery is the Sculpture Garden, which includes 17 pieces across a six-acre garden which is most enjoyable in early summer, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom and the flowers are full and robust. Another must-see collection is by Antico, whose small bronze pieces are so finely detailed you would be amazed he was a layman.



2. Seattle Art Museum – Seattle, Washington

The museum owns and operates three different facilities – the main museum, the Asian Art Museum, and Olympic Sculpture Park. All three, in different locations, offer a great visitor experience and a combined 20,000 pieces. Definitely a force to be reckoned with! The scenery at Olympic Sculpture Park is not only breathtaking on the waterfront location, but admission is free and the sculptures are unique. If you visit the main museum, do not miss the “Art Ladder” and its huge statues.



3. Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts – St. Louis, Missouri

The architecture of this structure is well-acclaimed in its own right. As a side note, Foundation directors do not like to call the venue a museum, rather referring to it as a “museum-like facility.” Regardless, the art housed in the building is worth a visit. You must see Joe by Richard Serra – a spiral structure within the building’s high walls meant to be viewed up-close.

Another piece usually promoted by the foundation is Blue Black by Ellsworth Kelly. It is a 28-foot structure made of painted aluminum. You will enjoy the way the light affects it and how it is in the perfect location of the “museum-like facility” next to the blank white walls. The foundation also works with the Saint Louise Symphony Orchestra. Admission is Free.



4. The J. Paul Getty Museum – Los Angeles, California

The museum has two locations – the Getty Center, located in Los Angeles with Western art dating back to the Middle Ages, and the Getty Villa – located in Pacific Palisades and home to art from ancient Greece and Rome. Both are worth a visit, as this museum is one of the most-visited in the country due mainly to their vast collection. Few museums can match the range of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures that the Getty Museum has in its possession.

Also, one of the more unique features of the museum is the Demons, Angels, and Monsters audio tour. It was primarily meant for children but even adults are entertained and educated. The tour helps novices understand the scary art they see and it’s helpful for those who can’t really comprehend what they are looking at.



5. The Miami Museum of Contemporary Art – Miami, Florida

If you are in the Southeastern region of the U.S., this museum is worth checking out. Although it is a young museum (opened in 1996), it has steadily improved its collection of art. The museum embraces its youth by showcasing fresh and fun exhibits and collections. These include jazz concerts, lectures from curators, and even battles of bands. The great thing about the Miami Museum is that it isn’t too large, so you can actually plan to see everything. Also, there is an admissions fee of $5, so why not make the most of your investment by spending a day?