If you spend most of your daytime hours at work, sitting in an office can be a drag. This is especially true if your walls are bare or if you’re stuck in a cubicle. With spring upon us and summer approaching, you can add some color, fun, and personality to your space. Many people actually find that having a personalized workspace helps their productivity and motivation at work. Best of all, transforming your office doesn’t have to be expensive.

1. Add Plants

The first thing you can try is adding plants or flowers to your space. Plants inject energy and life as well as soak up indoor air pollutants. Studies have also found that plants reduce stress and improve alertness. You also have the option of getting plants that have flowers on them for extra color. There are so many options to choose from: small plants, big plants, colorful, plants that need watering every day, plants that need watering once a week, those starting on the low end at $2-3, or more expensive ones.  Whatever you choose, make sure you will enjoy seeing it at your office!


2. Brighten It Up

Next, brightening up your office space increases mood and energy. A well-lit cubicle helps to alleviate eyestrain from staring at your screen all day. If you just have overhead lighting, think about purchasing a desk lamp that reflects your personality. Lava lamps can also be a fun way to take 30-second mental break.


3. Post Some Photos

Another idea to personalize the office is adding photos. If you do not like the idea of hanging pictures of your family, friend, (or yourself) that is completely okay. A way around that could be as simple as pinning up postcards you’ve received or purchased in previous travels, or printing out pictures you have taken of flowers, landscapes, nature, etc.

Every now and then when your energy is at a low, glancing away from your computer and looking at images is a great way to break up the monotony of work. There are also picture frames that allow you to load in multiple images so that every minute or two, the image changes.


4. Tidy Up & Get Creative

Lastly, use what you already have as the basis for change. If you have folders or papers spread across your desk, organize them neatly, and use funky new colored ones to add some color to your desk. If you have drawers, put away supplies you don’t use often so that your desk feels less congested.


These ideas can be mixed and matched based on your preferences.  And have fun with it!