7 Healthy Ingredients to Lower Your Cholesterol

Good health is an essential aspect of being happy. If you’re getting your annual checkups, you’ll have benchmarks for the various elements in your blood test results. However, if you’re noticing that your cholesterol levels are creeping a little higher each time, you should proactively try to stabilize it. One way to try to lower your cholesterol is by being aware of what you eat. Knowing which foods are a bad influence on cholesterol is a good start, but there are also items you can start including in your diet that helps lower cholesterol.
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4 Ways to Make Your Office Feel More Like Home

If you spend most of your daytime hours at work, sitting in an office can be a drag. This is especially true if your walls are bare or if you’re stuck in a cubicle. With spring upon us and summer approaching, you can add some color, fun, and personality to your space. Many people actually find that having a personalized workspace helps their productivity and motivation at work. Best of all, transforming your office doesn’t have to be expensive.

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The Benefits of Composting

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment. It is an essential ingredient in organic farming and involves using things we usually trash (banana peels, apple cores, fall leaves, weeds, etc.) into a matter to use in gardens. While those who compost see it as a way to control household waste, gardeners enjoy additional perks when utilizing nutrient-rich compost.

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