How To Plan a Budget-Friendly Summer Road Trip

Summer road trips allow you to take a break from work without jeopardizing your budget. Even if you don’t have your own set of wheels, you can plan a trip with friends who own vehicles or rent a vehicle. Road tripping with a group saves money because expenses can get split evenly when it comes to gas, the rental car, and accommodations. Here are some other tips to prepare for the ultimate summer road trip.

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How To Prepare for a Natural Disaster

All regions of the U.S. are susceptible to some form of natural disaster. From blizzards in the northeast, hurricanes down south, tornado alley in the center of the country and earthquakes to the west, we have to be more prepared for the possibility of an emergency situation wherever we live. While there is no way to predict the occurrence of a natural disaster, individuals should prepare supplies just in case. Better safe than sorry! Here are some recommended supplies to have on hand associated with various natural disasters.

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7 DIY Beauty Tips to Look Great & Save Money

Looking good and having a healthy beauty routine does not always have to cost a fortune. Using the makeup you already have, in addition to items you have at home – you can create scrubs, save on shaving cream, and even extend the life of products. These useful beauty tricks are perfect for those looking to cut back on their makeup budget. Keep more money saved for a goal you have in mind and still look beautiful!

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