The Best Cities For Young Professionals

Recent college graduates want a satisfying first job experience in the real world that can allow them to feel challenged in the workplace yet content with their life away from a desk. That may mean staying in the same city or relocating to a different part of the U.S. A recent CareerBliss report surveyed 45,000 young professionals (with less than ten years worth of experience in a full-time position) who were asked to rate ten factors, including workplace happiness, work-life balance, daily tasks, job autonomy, compensation, etc.
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Supercharge Your Job Search Using LinkedIn

Real Talk: job hunting is a drag. Whether you’re just out of school, in between jobs, or currently employed but looking for a better opportunity, there are a lot of stressors involved in searching for a new career. Job seekers are being scrutinized more closely today than ever before – from online social media profiles to references. But one social media site that can work for a job hunter is LinkedIn. It has become a recruiting tool for employers of all sizes, so knowing how to use it properly is crucial to a job hunt.

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How To Go Back to School Online

Do you ever wish you could reverse time and go back to school simply for the fun of learning? Imagine not having to worry about grades, or social pressures – just learning about a new topic for the sake of learning something new. Perhaps you might like philosophy, poetry, or cryptology? In the midst of the skyrocketing education costs, even at local community colleges, going back to school may seem unattainable. That is, until now.

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