Job Hunting Secrets

Let’s face it — job hunting is not fun. Individuals in job-hunting mode are either unsatisfied with their current place of employment, or out of work. Neither scenario is ideal and can cause massive amounts of stress. It can feel as though the walls are closing in when no interest, interviews, or offers occur.

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How To Negotiate for a Higher Salary

Job hunting can be a daunting task. Whether you’re just out of school and searching for your first full-time gig or pursuing a new career, the hunt for employment can be a full-time job in and of itself! But when your hard work pays off and you finally nail that dream interview, it’s not quite time to celebrate just yet. Now you need to practice the delicate art of salary negotiation.

Here are some “Do’s and Don’t’s” to follow when negotiating your salary:

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4 Ways to Earn Extra Cash and Boost Your Savings

Who doesn’t dream of winning the lottery? After all, we could all do with some extra cash now and then. Whether you’re saving up to go on dream vacation, buy a house, or just have more financial freedom to pursue the things you love, more money can go a long way. But aside from tightening your budget, how can you boost your savings? The best way is to start earning some extra income, and here’s how.

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