What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Home

After years of renting an apartment or living at home, you’ve worked hard to put yourself in the financial position to buy a house. If it’s a place you plan to live for years to come, there are different factors to consider than if you were buying it as an investment property. You may decide to rent out rooms to help with the mortgage one day, but as someone who will be residing in the home, it should be a place you feel comfortable and happy.

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How To Do Cheap Home Improvements

Changing your living space can make you feel happier and more creative, but performing renovations on your house or apartment can also become extremely costly. The price of painting, getting new appliances, redecorating, and giving your place a facelift quickly adds up. And if you plan on hiring general contractors, you might have to spend thousands of dollars.

So before committing to large costs, consider these alternative and affordable home improvement methods.

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Five for Five: Decorate Your Apartment or Dorm for Less Than $5

Welcome to Five for Five, the Kaiku Blog’s ongoing inventory of five super cool things that cost $5 or less. We’ll be bringing you everything from creative gifts, cheap foodie recipes, DIY arts ‘n’ crafts, self-improvement lifehacks, entertainment and more.

Today’s list is about how to decorate your apartment or dorm room for under $5. Here’s some of our favorite, cheap DIY ideas from Pinterest and elsewhere on the web.
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