How To Do Cheap Home Improvements

Changing your living space can make you feel happier and more creative, but performing renovations on your house or apartment can also become extremely costly. The price of painting, getting new appliances, redecorating, and giving your place a facelift quickly adds up. And if you plan on hiring general contractors, you might have to spend thousands of dollars.

So before committing to large costs, consider these alternative and affordable home improvement methods.

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Think Green Before You Shop (Infographic)

Happy Friday! As National Consumer Protection Week draws to a close, we’d like to remind you that we’re dedicated to protecting consumers every week. But not only do we care about our cardholders (which is why we offer some of the simplest and lowest fees among any prepaid card), we care about our environment.

Check out the great infographic below for some tips that can help you be more green when you shop.

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Want to be Happy and Successful? Try This

What does it mean to be happy and successful? Most of us are chasing these ideals, in one form or another. It seems like there’s always a brand new app, self-help book, vitamin supplement, fitness trend or product that promises to finally, permanently improve our lives. But how do you filter out the noise and find something that really works? Perhaps more importantly, how do you actually sustain happiness?

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