Prepaid 101: How to Deposit a Check using the Kaiku App

As we covered in yesterday’s blog post about the benefits of Kaiku, one of the features that makes this card such a great choice is the ability to deposit your checks in our mobile app. With Mobile Check Loading in the Kaiku App, you’ll never have to set foot in a bank again!

Mobile Check Loading is a snap with the Kaiku App for Android and iOS. Learn why freelancers, artists and others who frequently deal in checks love Kaiku:

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Prepaid 101: 6 Features That Make Kaiku the Best Choice for Your Money

It’s hip to be square and we’re not 2 cool 4 school. That’s why all this week on the Kaiku Blog, we’re bringing you Prepaid 101 — a quick series highlighting all the convenient features and benefits you get from a prepaid card like Kaiku.

Not sure how a prepaid card can help improve your personal finances? Wondering what makes Kaiku the best choice for your money? Find out after the jump:

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How To Make Budgeting Fun & Easier Than Ever

Budgeting sure is fun and exciting! Said no one ever.

When it comes to personal finance, setting a budget (and then, most importantly, sticking to it!) can be one of the hardest steps toward managing your money. But a personal budget is essential for paying off debt, growing your savings and finally owning your very own creepy, haunted carnival.

So how can you make budgeting easier than ever? We’ve got some tips after the jump:

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