3 Great Recipes for Summer Parties

Warmer spring temperatures mean shedding your coats and gloves, and more barbecues, picnics, parties and outdoor gatherings. While different occasions call for different food choices, there are a handful of “go-to” recipes that can work regardless of what you are celebrating, or who’s coming over. These three recipes are delicious and versatile. Make them a few times and you’ll get to know the recipes well enough to create variations for mix and matching.

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3 Delicious, Refreshing “Mocktails” for Summer

Nonalcoholic mixed drinks, also known as “mocktails,” are a refreshing addition to any summer party. They give designated drivers fun and festive drink options, while they’re also versatile enough to serve to children. While many of your guests enjoy their adult beverages, here are some quick and easy mocktails to have on hand. Skip the soda and whip up a batch of these!

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Save Money with Weekly Meal Planning

Do you go over-budget on food? Many people spend too much money eating out, or buying expensive pre-made meals, because our busy lives often leave us too tired to buy groceries and cook. But with a little planning, you can say goodbye to fast food burgers and microwave pizza by creating an easy 7-day schedule of delicious home-cooked meals.

The idea of planning a week’s worth of meals ahead of time may seem daunting, but it’ll be worth it when you start seeing how much money (and time) you’re saving in the long run. You’ll also end up eating healthier since everything is coming out of your own kitchen and you can control the various ingredients.

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