4 Ways to Make Your Office Feel More Like Home

If you spend most of your daytime hours at work, sitting in an office can be a drag. This is especially true if your walls are bare or if you’re stuck in a cubicle. With spring upon us and summer approaching, you can add some color, fun, and personality to your space. Many people actually find that having a personalized workspace helps their productivity and motivation at work. Best of all, transforming your office doesn’t have to be expensive.

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7 DIY Beauty Tips to Look Great & Save Money

Looking good and having a healthy beauty routine does not always have to cost a fortune. Using the makeup you already have, in addition to items you have at home – you can create scrubs, save on shaving cream, and even extend the life of products. These useful beauty tricks are perfect for those looking to cut back on their makeup budget. Keep more money saved for a goal you have in mind and still look beautiful!

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